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Love is all round in your family.

Learn a song about the love of your family members in Mandarins and you can try to sing to them!


# Family members # Love # I love

Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
A song to teach numbers 1-7 in Chinese

A fun and friendly way to learn how to count from 1-7 in Mandarin Chinese. Why not sing along

Numbers 1-7


Posted on: 17 Nov. 2015
Listen to Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in Chinese

Check out Jason Chen's version of Justin Bieber's' 'Baby'! 


Posted on: 20 Sep. 2015
2000 years Chinese history in 10 minutes
Posted on: 15 Sep. 2015
Posted on: 13 Sep. 2015
Street food in China
Posted on: 28 Jun. 2015
Check out this woman who woke up sounding Chinese!

Check out this woman who woke up sounding Chinese - weird!


Posted on: 7 Jun. 2015
All about the Dragon Boat Festival

See the link below and learn all about China's fantastic Dragon Boat Festival!


Posted on: 7 Jun. 2015
Crazy Chinese family tree

 Check out how many different names there are for one's relatives in China. The mind boggles!


Posted on: 12 May. 2015
My Chinese New Year - a personal account

Check out ex-Holby City star talk about her Chinese New Year.


Posted on: 2 Mar. 2015
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